Winder, Georgia

Brief Overview of Winder, Georgia’s Barrow County

Where is Barrow County, Georgia? It’s in the middle of Georgia’s northern half. Winder, Georgia serves as the administrative hub for all of Barrow County. The population of Barrow County was 69,367 as of the 2010 census. At the end of 2018, Winder was home to 17,029 people.

Exactly when did Barrow County first open its doors?

The Georgia General Assembly approved the proposal to add Barrow County to the state’s ballot on November 3, 1914, which led to the election’s inclusion on that day’s ballot. Barrow County was established on territory taken from Walton, Gwinnett, and Walton. Once voters approved the amendment, the new county was established.

I’m curious about the experience of the first settlers.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, people began moving into what is now Barrow County. Winder is the modern day location of a well-used Indian trail that parallels Hog Mountain Road. In the late 1700s, a Native American chief named Umausauga extended an invitation to a group of settlers to settle in the village of Snodon. He was so taken with them because they had given him and his people some high-tech fishing hooks. Don’t forget to learn about Alpharetta, Georgia here too.

Is there a person or thing commemorated by the name of Barrow County?

David Crenshaw Barrow Jr. was honored with the naming of his county, Barrow. Barrow made a name for himself at UGA. He attended the University and earned an engineering degree there in 1874. In 1878, he joined the faculty at the university as an adjunct mathematics professor, in addition to his duties as department head, head of civil engineering, and dean of Franklin College. In 1906, he was formally named Chancellor.

What kind of military history does this area have?

In 1788, the state of Georgia hired George, Shadrack, and Uriah Humphries, sons of Revolutionary War captain Joseph Humpheris, to construct four forts in different parts of the state. In 1793, builders raised the first stone of Fort Yargo. The original name of the area now known as Winder was “Jug Tavern,” and its location was given as three miles to the southwest of there.

One of the few Union losses during Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign occurred in Barrow. Stoneman’s Raid was a series of skirmishes, the last of which was the Kings Tanyard Battle. It was here that 430 men of the Union cavalry were killed or wounded in a crushing defeat. After arriving in Marietta after the battle, William Tecumseh Sherman wired Washington, saying, “On the whole, the cavalry raid was not deemed a success.”

Who or what is Winder, Texas, named after?

In the 1880s, when railroad construction was exploding across the United States, Barrow county was home to two lines: the Seaboard Air-line and the Gainesville and Midland. Farmers and merchants in Barrow flourished after the construction of these railroads made it easier to ship their goods. John L. Winder, one of the involved railway builders, had the grateful residents of Jug Tavern rename their town after him, from Jug Tavern to Winder.

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